About School

All institution of learning has three key responsibilities to its students; to the cause of knowledge and towards society.

Since 1975 The Guru Nanak Public School, Sambalpur (GNPS) takes its role seriously. To its student’s it is not just an institution of learning but crucible where their characters and values are shaped, as a premier organization, GNPS’s role goes beyond merely disseminating knowledge to expand is very boundaries.

Finally every little step, every little action that GNPS takes further the larger goal of the society of which it is a part. And every new day brings with it the promise and the anticipation of discovery, of opportunity and of fulfillment.

“Respect and responsibility” surface the inner core of the spacious architecture of GNPS, Sambalpur. We take responsibility of nurturing the students-the generation of tomorrow and the citizens of the millennium. We at GNPS aspire to establish a system of quality assurance which would be on a continuous basis, evaluate and monitor the quality of education, improve the teaching-learning and eventually developed the institute as “A Centre of Excellence”.

Guru Nanak Public School, Sambalpur is a progressive co-educational English medium school. The school function under the close supervision of Sr Ranjit Singh Hura , secretary, the managing committee of Guru Nanak Public School society with the co-operation of all the members of managing committee, which has been registered under the society registration act no. NO.S/27929 of 1995, Delhi. Affiliated to affiliation no 1530007 up to 12th standard.

The location of its grand building on a 14 acre site with beautiful flowering garden and lawn in a quiet, pollution free environment is an attraction and convenience for all. This noble institution dedicated to the ideals of service to the working class looks forward for reaching the pinnacle of glory envisioned by its great founder.


  • Class room teaching
  • Tutorial classes conducted in groups
  • Tutorial classes for doubt clearing of students.
  • Extra classes beyond school hours.
  • Career counselling facility.