The main objective of this institution is to instill the students a refined outlook with utmost discipline and deep dedication in the pursuit of knowledge. This institution also pays attention to the following:

  • To nurture the growth of young child to become self-reliant, self-respecting and self-confident person.
  • To create in a child an innate sense of individuality, sense of curiosity and explorations, initiative and creativity.
  • It tries to maintain a health regard for its elders, traditions and country.
  • It tries to make a child a desired human being, a fit member of the community with a sense of respect and appreciation for everyone and everything around her/him.
  • It tries to inculcate in a child the qualities like modesty, tolerance, compassion, patriotism and generosity.
  • Last but not the least, this institution always aims at the all-round development of an individual with an integrated growth of physical, mental, emotional and moral being.